Zoonotic Diseases

A zoonotic disease is any infection that can be transmitted between humans and animals, either from direct contact, indirect contact, or shared environmental exposure. More Information Zoonotic Diseases: Cats

Parasite Control for Cats

Adult cats can carry intestinal parasites that have a potential to affect themselves and also people. The classic intestinal parasites include roundworm (most common), hookworms and tapeworms. It is important to remember to regularly give deworming to cats as recommended by your veterinarian. Please notify us of any travel plans or hunting habits as this […]


Vaccinations are intended to protect your cat from infectious diseases that can cause serious health problems or potentially be fatal.  This includes feline distemper, leukemia, calicivirus, rhinotracheitis, chlamydia and rabies.  Our doctors can recommend an appropriate vaccination schedule for your cat depending on his/her individual needs.  It is important that we are aware of their […]


We want to make travelling as stress-free as possible for all our patients. See our travel checklist (below) to help with your travel plans. If travelling to a different country, be sure to check their rules and pet specific requirements as far in advance as possible so you can plan accordingly and have no problems […]

Pet Insurance

Medical care for an illness and unexpected emergencies can be costly. There are many options available to help owners insure affordable care for their cat. We recommend that you review the different options and different pet insurance companies to know what is available. If you are interested in pet insurance, it is best to make […]

Nutrition & Weight Management

Cats are considered an adult at one year of age. The nutrient profile for an adult cat is quite different compared to a kitten, and can be further influenced by dental disease, obesity, and medical concerns such as feline lower urinary tract conditions. A pregnant female cat will need a food approved for growth, especially […]

Microchipping Your Cat

Microchipping your cat is the best form of identification as it is permanent and tamper proof. A microchip is a tiny transponder, about the size of a grain of rice that is encoded with a unique identification number. The microchip is placed just under the loose skin at the back of the neck using a needle, […]

Grooming How-To’s

Nail Trimming This can be done at home if you choose, just be sure you have the proper cat nail clippers. The earlier in the kitten’s life you start and the more routinely you trim their nails, the easier it will become as your cat ages. If you trim too much off the nail, you […]


What is the best way to take my cat to the vet? We love the hard sided carriers that can easily open from the top and front, and can be taken apart from the middle. It can help to acclimatize your kitten/cat to the carrier and vehicle from a young age. Leaving the carrier in […]


Wellness examinations are important for all cats. Our veterinarians will do a nose-tail examination of your cat to assess overall health and check for any subtle signs of illness. This includes a body condition assessment as well as a visual dental evaluation. We have a cat-only examination room with comfortable material covering both our scale […]