Nutrition & Weight Management

Cats are considered an adult at one year of age. The nutrient profile for an adult cat is quite different compared to a kitten, and can be further influenced by dental disease, obesity, and medical concerns such as feline lower urinary tract conditions. A pregnant female cat will need a food approved for growth, especially once she is nursing as this place’s a tremendous demand on her energy requirements. Let us know if you are interested in a food recommendation so that we can make an appropriate recommendation with your cat’s individual needs in mind.

We always recommend monitoring by BOTH body condition and weight. Every animal is built differently and so we always aim for an ideal body condition when making food recommendations and weight programs. Indoor cats are at a higher risk for becoming overweight or obese. If you are worried your cat is becoming overweight, let us know so we can ensure any weight loss efforts are done safely and that your cat will still receive adequate nutrition.

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