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Twice For Life Senior Cats

We want our senior cat to live a long and happy life with us. Early detection of changes in an aging cat’s health allows you to do more to help your special companion. Click on the links below, or select topics to the left to learn more about keeping your senior cat healthy. It is never too late for dental care, to start grooming, or to learn what to watch for as your cat ages.  If you can’t find what you are looking for, just give us a call.

Learn more about what a Cat-Friendly Practice is, or how your cat may benefit from visiting one.

We offer complete wellness packages for all stages of your cat’s life.  Twice for Life Senior plans include everything your aging cat needs.  The plans are based on guidelines made by AAHA, the AAFP and they are what our staff does for our own senior cats every year.  Martensville Animal Hospital is a full-service cat-friendly vet clinic.



The following details are for our Twice for Life Senior Cat Annual Plan. Contact us for pricing specifics and options.

  • Two complete physical exams.
  • Appropriate vaccines (includes the Feline Leukemia Vaccine if needed).
  • Appropriate dewormer.
  • Blood work
    – To check the function of the internal organs such as the liver and kidneys.
    – Is vital in the diagnosis of infections, anemia, and many other diseases.
    – T4a (a blood test that measures the level of thyroid hormone circulating in the blood). The thyroid gland controls the pet’s metabolism and may become overactive in senior cats.
  • A complete urinalysis
    – Urine contains by-products from many organs and abnormal levels of these by-products can indicate diseases including diabetes, liver, and kidney disease.
    – Tests for crystals and infections in the bladder.
  • Necessary radiographs
    – Elderly pets are prone to spinal disease and arthritis; radiographs can indicate the level of bone deterioration.
    – Heart and lung disease are also detectable by radiographs.
  • Free nutrition counseling.
  • Free joint care counseling.
  • Free behaviour education.
  • Customized weight program (if needed).
  • One Free anal gland expression (if needed).
  • Dental Procedure.
    – Includes dental radiographs, assessment, cleaning, and polishing under general anesthesia with IV fluids and advanced monitoring.
    – The costs associated with dental surgery including tooth extractions are not included.
  • Discount on additional exams during the year if they are required.

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