What is the best way to take my cat to the vet?

We love the hard sided carriers that can easily open from the top and front, and can be taken apart from the middle. It can help to acclimatize your kitten/cat to the carrier and vehicle from a young age. Leaving the carrier in a common room can help your cat feel comfortable around it, then placing familiar blankets/bedding inside (with feliway phermones if desired) can all help your cat feel more comfortable within it. Also, some cats feel more secure when a blanket is covering the carrier, while others seem to prefer to look out. A seat belt can be used to fasten around the carrier to ensure it is secured inside a vehicle. For extremely fearful or anxious cats, please let us know, sometimes we can schedule a quiet time during the day for their visit and/or use medication to ease anxiety and make a more pleasant visit possible.

How to introduce cats to other cats in the house?

Cats can be territorial and this can make introductions difficult. It often works best to start the new kitten/cat in a separate area in the home and very slowly integrate the cats during times of supervision while they may be distracted or happy (eating, play or treat time). When they start to get more familiar with each other, then the new cat home area can be expanded and shared. Ensure the resident cat has ample attention from you! It is also important to ensure there is sufficient amount and spacing of food, litter, shelters to help minimize any unnecessary conflict. The more these resources can be spaced apart, then there is less need for each to share and they will be more likely to tolerate each others new living arrangements. Adding extra furniture and shelves can also increase the usable vertical space for cats and this can also help enrich their environments. If there are any signs of aggression between cats, then they should be separated for an extended time and a very gradual re-introduction. Sometimes pheromone and/or medications are required. Let us know if you have questions or concerns and we will try our best to help!

How to prepare my cat for the arrival of a new baby?

A new arrival in the home is often very exciting and a very busy time for everyone. It is important to ensure your cat gets special attention to help adjusting to this change as he/she may not understand what is happening as your cat was likely your “baby” first. Before the new arrival is home, allow time for your cat to explore the baby room with the new furniture and smells. Once the baby is home, always have careful supervision to allow your cat to see and smell baby and keep interactions a positive experience. It really is important to ensure your cat still has their own time with people where they receive abundant attention and play.