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Veterinary Links


These sites all have a large database and reliable, practical veterinary information. Searches can be done for specific topics, diseases and/or species.

Veterinary Partner (Pet Library)
Five stars!!! You can search under cats, dogs, reptiles, small mammals or horses and articles are written by well respected veterinarians with a focus or certification in that species or topic. They have really good nutrition advice for birds and rabbits too.

Healthy Pet
This is the American Animal Hospital Association’s website specifically for pet owners and also has info on traveling, choosing a pet, free ask a vet section, and links to AAHA guidelines

This is the main database of scientific articles that have been published world-wide. This is one place where our veterinarians go to assess whether we have enough information to support or adopt a new medical or surgical practice

The Merck Veterinary Manual
This is a well respected reference for veterinarians. You can use the advanced tab to search for disease or species-specific information.

Vet Street
General pet wellness and care as well as some training tips and pet related diversions geared toward pet owners and written by veterinarians, technicians and trainers and focusing mainly on cats and dogs.


American Veterinary Dental College

Animal Dentistry and Oral Surgery Specialists
Packed with veterinary dental information!

Hale Veterinary Clinic – Dental and Oral Surgery for Pets
Articles, forms and step by step information written by one of Canada’s veterinary dental pioneers

Veterinary Oral Health Council
The VOHC awards a seal to products that are scientifically proven to reduce plaque, tartar, or both and these products are listed on this website along with other dental information


AAHA Accreditation Information
What does AAHA accreditation it mean to me and my pet?

Canada’s Guide to Dogs
This huge site includes detailed breed information including breed standards and health concerns, listings of breeders, kennels, clubs, and breed-specific shelter and rescue organizations

CKC – Canadian Kennel Club

Dog Behavior and Training Issues
Fantastic resource for training and behavior tips by Dr. Sophia Yin

Dog Gone Safe
Dog bite prevention through education

Dog Star Daily

Handicapped Pets

Konan Koalition

New Hope Dog Rescue
A local dog rescue organization

Size Small Dog Rescue


AAFP – American Association of Feline Practitioners
Great articles on cat care and what cat owners should know about their cats

AAHA Accreditation Information
What does AAHA accreditation it mean to me and my pet?

Cat Behavior and Training Issues
Fantastic resource for training and behavior tips by Dr. Sophia Yin. Yes, we did say training!

Cat Friendly Practice Information
Cat Frienldly Practice Information

Catalyst Council
founded by the AAFP, AAHA and the AVMA, we love their video section!

International Cat Care
The ICC promotes the welfare of cats, and education about cats, and has a lot of information on cat care, cat health and behaviour

SCAT – Street Cat Rescue
Our local cat rescue organization


You will feel so much calmer and in control if you have a look through these pages before any emergency occurs!!

Healthy Pet – Pet First Aid

Veterinary Partner – First Aid and Emergency Care for Dogs and Cats




American College of Veterinary Nutrition

Hill’s Pet Nutrition

Ohio State VMC Nutrition Resources

Pet Diets
This site offers veterinary- formulated home-made diets for healthy pets as well as those with medical concerns for a fee. Many veterinary colleges offer this service as well

Pet Food Association of Canada
PFAC is an industry association comprised of pet food manufacturers and companies that supply materials or services to the pet food manufacturing industry

Pet Nutrition Alliance
A great site that cuts through a lot of the marketing mumbo jumbo surrounding pet nutrition

Royal Canin


AAHA – Pain Management Guidelines
We strictly follow these guidelines

IVAPM – International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management

VASG – Veterinary Anesthesia and Analgesia Support Group


Canadian Guidelines for Treatment of Parasites in Dogs and Cats

CAPC – Companion Animal Parasite Council

Dogs and Ticks

Healthy Pets Healthy People by CDC – Centers of Disease Control and Prevention

PAWS – Pets Are Wonderful Support


It is best to make an informed decision as to whether you want pet insurance or not BEFORE something happens

Pet Insurance Review
This site has lots of information and reviews the most common pet insurance companies, including Canadian companies

Pet Secure

Petcard is a credit card for veterinary care

PetCare – Pet Insurance Programs

Trupanion – Medical insurance for your pet


APLB – Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement

Ever In Our Hearts
Celebrating the lives of those you have lost

Pet Loss

Saskatoon Pet Loss Support
A new pet loss support group in Saskatoon that meets the first and third Sunday of every month

Veterinary Wisdom For Pet Parents


ASPCA – American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty
Lists of toxic plants, foods to avoid, and an emergency hotline (fee charged)


Map of documented borne illness in pets in Canada

Pets and Parasites
Use this map to see if you need to take extra precautions when travelling to the US with your pet

Pet Friendly
Canada’s ultimate online directory of Pet-Friendly vacation rentals

Relocation and Travel