We all want our
dogs to live a long
and healthy life…

Martensville Veterinary Hospital is

AAHA accredited

Champions for Excellent Care

Proactive Adult Dog Wellness Plans

Dog wellness is a way of life, not a single action.  Education and early prevention is the key to increasing the number of happy and healthy years with your dog.  MVH offers an adult dog wellness plan based on recommendations by AAHA, and what the staff here do for our own healthy adult dogs every year.

Click on the links below, or select topics to the left to learn more about keeping your dog healthy. There are many things that you can do at home, from simple grooming and dental home care to maintaining your dog’s ideal body condition.  If you are having trouble with home care, or have questions, we can help!


The following details are for our Proactive Adult Dog Annual Plan. Contact us for pricing specifics and options!

  • One complete physical exam.
  • Appropriate vaccines (including the Bordetella and rabies vaccine).
  • Appropriate dewormer.
  • Blood work
    – To check the function of the internal organs (such as the liver, kidneys, and pancreas).
    – Vital in the diagnosis of infections, anemia, and many other diseases.
    – Makes anesthesia safer.
  • A complete urinalysis
    – Urine contains by-products from many different organs, and abnormal levels of these by-products can indicate diseases including diabetes, liver and kidney disease.
    – Tests for crystals and infections in the bladder and helps assess kidney function.
  • Dental Procedure
    – Includes dental radiographs, assessment, teeth cleaning and polishing under general anesthesia with IV fluids and advanced monitoring.
    – The costs associated with dental surgery including tooth extractions are not included.
  • Free nutrition counseling.
  • Free joint care counseling.
  • Free behavior counseling.
  • Customized weight program.
  • One free anal gland expression (if needed).
  • Fifty Percent off microchip identification.
  • Discount on additional exams during the year if they are required.

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