A complete
Wellness Program
for their first
year of life

Martensville Veterinary Hospital is

AAHA accredited

Champions for Excellent Care

Head Start Puppy Wellness

Puppy wellness is not a single act or a product. Click links below, or select topics to the left for information on how to keep your puppy healthy.

Our Head Start Puppy Plans offer your new family member everything they need for their first year of life. This plan includes physical exams, dewormer, spay or neuter, a complete dental assessment, and all necessary vaccines to get them off to a healthy head start!

Our recommendations are based on guidelines of the AAHA, and are also what all the staff members at Martensville Veterinary Hospital do for our own puppies.

All puppy plan members can also come to our Puppy Socialization Club for free!


The following details are for our Head Start Puppy Wellness Plan. Contact us for pricing specifics and options!

  • Complete physical exams: the number of exams depends on the puppy’s age.
  • Dewormer & vaccines customized to your puppy’s history and household.
  • Nail trims are included with each exam and we are happy to pass on some of our tips and tricks so you can do this at home.
  • Microchip so your pet has permanent identification at all times.
  • Blood work & Diagnostics
    – Check the function of internal organs such as the liver and kidneys.
    – Vital in the diagnosis of many of diseases that puppies can be born with or acquire early in their life.
    – Help make anesthesia safer.
  • Spay or Neuter
    – Includes pain medication before, during and after the procedure, advanced monitoring equipment, IV fluids, and a circulating hot water mat to keep your pet warm, comfortable and safe
  • Dental COHAT including dental radiographs, assessment, cleaning, and polishing
    – To identify and make a plan to correct abnormalities like extra teeth, teeth hidden in the jaw bone, crowding or rotation that can become a big problem as your pup ages
  • Nutrition counseling.
  • Behavior education & training.
  • Puppy Socialization classes on Thursday nights.
  • Discounts: Pet plan clients receive a discount for all non-wellness exams if they are needed.

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