I Missed You Today, And I Cried

  I missed you today, and I cried. I knew that our time was coming to an end and I wasn’t ready; I was sure that you weren’t ready either. I cried for both of us. Illness has a way of sneaking up on us, and yours was a ninja. It was completely silent, neither […]

We’re Struggling. How Are You?

Anyone who’s been to a veterinary clinic in the last couple months knows that things are different. You walk up to a door to find that it is locked. Maybe there is a sign saying “Call us at 867-5309! We are not having clients come into the building at this time.” Or maybe the sign […]

Put a Leash on That Dog! Retractable Doesn’t Count!

COVID-19 has forced many people to change their daily routines, whether they no longer have jobs or are self-isolating, these people suddenly have more time on their hands. The changes were obvious within the first couple of weeks. With the weather being warmer than it had been, people took to the streets, lots of people. […]

How to Build Cat Bunk Beds Out of Crates

Many people are finding themselves with extra time on their hands. You know what they say about idle hands, so lets keep them busy! A few years ago we had cat bunk beds as one of the raffle prizes at our Microchip Day. The bunk beds were made in my garage and it was a […]

Pregnant with Cats

Well that title is open to some interesting interpretations! No, I don’t mean pregnant with a litter of cats. I mean pregnant with a human child. You are probably wondering, “Why is my vet clinic blogging about human pregnancy?!” I was recently pregnant and I became aware of some misinformation that is commonly given to […]

Nigel’s Hyperthyroid Cat Story

In February 2016 it was Nigel’s turn to have his senior workup. Pez, my other senior cat, had already visited the clinic for hers. Digby and Winston, my two adult dogs, also had their checkups. I had left Nigel for last because he seemed the healthiest of the bunch.

An Ounce of Parasite Prevention

Last year’s Tick season began in March due to mild temperatures and minimal snow cover. The bad news is that this year we’ve had less snow fall and warm temperature spikes…


Nelson is an energetic and loving Greyhound X that belongs to one of our technicians. He is a rambunctious boy and loves nothing more than chewing his ball! Last August, Crystal returned from a night at the movies to find blood all over her dining room.