Blood Work & Urinalysis

Our in-hospital bloodwork includes a complete blood count (CBC), full chemistry panel and thyroid panel This is a basic evaluation tool that allows us to check their RBC, WBC, platelets, protein, kidney, liver, electrolytes, glucose, calcium, phosphorus values, and thyroid levels. In healthy cats, this is a great way to evaluate their general well-being and ensure there are no underlying concerns that may affect anesthesia if undergoing a dental cohat procedure. It is valuable in senior cats as this helps to detect any underlying diseases such as diabetes, liver disease, kidney insufficiency or hyperthyroidism. It is also a good monitoring evaluation for any cat receiving long term medication. We include a full CBC, chemistry panel and thyroid panel for all cats on a Twice For Life Senior life stage package.


Urine contains by-products from many different organs and abnormal levels of these products can indicate diseases including diabetes, liver disease, and kidney disease. We also use it to evaluate urine concentration, pH, crystals, and to look for evidence of infection. Our Life Stage Packages include one urinalysis as we believe this is an important monitoring tool of overall health.

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