Microchip Identification

We at Martensville Veterinary Hospital believe that microchipping your cat is the best form of identification as it is permanent and tamper proof. A microchip is a tiny transponder, about the size of a grain of rice that is encoded with a unique identification number.

It is placed just under the loose skin at the back of the neck using a needle, and plunger. Once the implant is placed, the needle is removed. This can be done while your pet is awake or we can do this at the time of neutering while your cat is under general anesthesia. Most pets are surprisingly calm and accepting of having the chip implanted when awake. The microchip can move around a little bit, but generally stays between the skin and muscle layer in the neck or back area.  From time to time, we find a chip down one leg or another, or we are unable to find a microchip we are sure has been implanted, but the chip is blunt and does not go into deeper tissue.

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