Wellness examinations are important for a growing puppy. Our veterinarians will do a nose-tail examination of your puppy to ensure he/she is a healthy addition to your family. The first visit often involves checking for any developmental or medical health concerns such as bite alignment, ear mites, heart murmer, umbilical hernias, luxating patellas or proper […]


If you think your pet is having an emergency now, contact us immediately at 306-933-2677 Puppies are often curious and love exploring new things. It can be easy for a puppy to get themselves into trouble!! We recommend that you are familiar with potential hazards and emergency situations before they arise so that you are prepared […]

Puppy Spay and Neuter

We perform the majority of our puppy spay and neuter procedures at 6 months of age, unless there is a specific health reason to delay the procedure in your pet.  The veterinarian will assess your puppy at their monthly puppy exams and you will have lots of opportunities to discuss what is best for your […]

Dental Care

Comprehensive Oral Health Assesment and Treatment (COHAT), under general anesthesia, including full mouth digital dental radiographs is included in all of our Headstart puppy plans. This is a complete evaluation of your puppy’s mouth to make sure all baby teeth are gone and that there are no abnormalities under the gumline. We clean and polish all […]

Bloodwork and Diagnostics

Our pre-surgical bloodwork includes a complete blood count (CBC) and full chemistry panel.  This is a basic evaluation tool that allows us to check their RBC, WBC, platelets, protein, kidney, liver, electrolytes, glucose, calcium and phosphorus values. In healthy puppies, this is a great way to confirm that there are no congenital or sub-clinical medical […]

Behavior and Training

Puppies are constantly learning and, the early weeks and months of a puppy’s life are very important for their behavior and for us to train them how we want them to behave. Puppies will learn to repeat behaviors that are reinforced, thus it is important when teaching a new behavior or trying to change a […]