Wellness examinations are important for a growing puppy. Our veterinarians will do a nose-tail examination of your puppy to ensure he/she is a healthy addition to your family. The first visit often involves checking for any developmental or medical health concerns such as bite alignment, ear mites, heart murmer, umbilical hernias, luxating patellas or proper development of testes (in male pups). Subsequent puppy examinations ensure that growth and development are progressing well and allows us to follow up on any health concerns and monitor for any known breed related health conditions.

In our Headstart Puppy Packages, we recommend wellness visits at 8, 12, 16, 20 weeks and if your puppy is healthy, we are able to also do appropriate vaccinations at this time.

Adoption Visit

If your puppy is 7 weeks or younger, an optional early wellness visit is included in the Headstart Puppy Package. We do not usually vaccinate puppies before 8 weeks, but we will do a nose to tail exam, discuss nutrition, behaviour and any other questions you may have.

All pets adopted from the SPCA are given a free wellness visit within one week of being adopted. Many SPCA and shelter puppies will have had one to two rounds of dewormer and their combination vaccine, and most will still require two to four more veterinary visits. We can help decide what the right schedule will be at your first free wellness visit.

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