To Keep You And
Our Staff Safe

While keeping our commitment to pet health
we have three appointment types:



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Curbside Consults

Same care – different setup!
The veterinarian does the exam
while you are in your vehicle.



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Drop-Off Appointments

Ideal when your pet requires a procedure, diagnostics, or a caregiver is bringing your pet in on your behalf.

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In Clinic

One client accompanies the pet to the exam. Medical grade, disposable mask must be worn.

The appointment is done start to
finish in the clinic.

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Need Pet Items At Home?

Check out our Online Store for delivery
to your home or pick-up!

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We are now offering

Prescription Delivery
To Your Home!

Talk to a staff member
for more information.


Mia V. – “All staff Very friendly and helpful with eduacting us on puppy care!”

Kelsey H. – “We take all 4 of our animals to go see Dr. Stewart & we are very happy with her service. The girls at the front are very helpful, and don’t hesitate to answer questions/concerns via phone or email if they can. It is hard to find a vet who is understanding of those who feed their dogs raw diet & she is willing to work with us, no problem. We have found other vets strictly advise against raw feeding, even though we know our dogs health, coat & teeth have been great ever since. They do not force their branded vet food down your throat – which is super cool. Our only complaint is that to receive a multi animal discount – you need to have 3 dogs. As we only have 2, we are not entitled to that – which is slightly disappointing because we give them a fair amount of business with our 4 fur balls. Other than that – we don’t have any other complaints. Strongly recommend Dr. Katina Stewart.”

Alison F. – “I can’t say enough about the dedicated caring staff at the Martensville Vet Hospital. My kitten has had a chronic lung illness from birth and is not expected to be with us long term. Dr Lange has taken the time to help put my mind at ease, has been honest yet optimistic about his prognosis. She has educated me on expectations and how best to care for my unique situation. She has helped me learn about administering complicated medications, choosing an appropriate diet, grooming, socializing, and even how to stop unwanted behaviours (urination in laundry baskets!). When she examines him she is gentle and kind and is able to soothe his nervous nature. She clearly has a gift with kitties. She has gone above and beyond expectations and truly has my pet’s best interest at heart.”

Jordan P. – “Great staff. Puppies love going there!”

Courtney H. – “I have been driving out to Martensville from Saskatoon for the past 5 years for Dr. Stewart to treat my dog, and I believe it is well worth the drive. It’s obvious that she cares a lot for her patients. After a procedure, my dog had some side effects I was not expecting. When I called the vet to inquire, they told me what to keep an eye on and called an additional 2 more times after our first phone call to make sure my dog was well. I’m grateful for all of the care we have received while attending this clinic!”

A. W. – “The vet gave us some very thoughtful and helpful advice when we asked about eventually putting our dog to sleep. We want her (our dog) to be at home and comfortable and surrounded by everybody that loves her and they are willing to help (hopefully not for a long long time) at our house.”

Janine M. – “Dr Stewart is my favourite vet. She’s great with the animals and you can tell she cares a lot!”

Carol L. – “All staff very professional and friendly, first class service, they are second to none, I rate this practice first class in every field, long may they continue.”

Brian L. – “Friendly, helpful staff. I wouldn’t trust my pup with anyone else.”

Mary W. – “Brilliant ! The Martensville veterinary hospital is great. They really care about your pet. They are friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced. Dr. Katina Stewart added quality years to my dogs life with her professional knowledge and care. They have helped our dog and over the years I have gotten to know Dr. Stewart and her staff. They always go the extra mile. I wouldn’t take my dog anywhere else.”