It can be fun to travel with our pets. Our travel checklist is a great way to check that you have remembered appropriate supplies and paperwork.  If travelling to a different country, be sure to check their rules and pet specific requirements that may be required at the boarder. Also, be sure to let us […]

Pet Insurance

Medical care for an illness and unexpected emergencies can be costly. There are many options available to help owners insure affordable care for their dog. We recommend that you review the different options and different pet insurance companies to know what is available. If you are interested in pet insurance, it is best to make […]

Microchip Identification

We at Martensville Veterinary Hospital believe that microchipping your dog is the best form of identification as it is permanent and tamper proof. A microchip is a tiny transponder, about the size of a grain of rice that is encoded with a unique identification number. It is placed just under the loose skin at the back […]


My dog has developed lots of lumps in his old age – what are they? It is best to get all new or changing lumps evaluated by a veterinarian. There are many different lumps that dogs can get including, skin warts, sebaceous cysts, skin tags, lipomas or more worrisome cancerous lumps. Depending on the lump, […]


Annual wellness examinations are important for all dogs. Our veterinarians will do a nose-tail examination of your dog to assess overall health and check for any subtle signs of illness. This includes a body condition assessment as well as a visual dental evaluation. We aim to make the visit as pleasant and stress-free as possible. […]

Dental Care

Comprehensive Oral Health Assesment and Treatment (COHAT), under general anesthesia, including full mouth digital dental radiographs is included in all of our Adult life stage plans. This is a complete evaluation of your dog’s mouth to make sure all his/her teeth are healthy and that there are no abnormalities under the gum line. We look […]

Blood Work & Urinalysis

Our in-hospital bloodwork includes a complete blood count (CBC), full chemistry panel and thyroid panel. This is a basic evaluation tool that allows us to check their RBC, WBC, platelets, protein, kidney, liver, electrolytes, glucose, calcium, phosphorus values, and thyroid levels. In healthy dogs, this is a great way to evaluate their general well-being and […]

Behaviour & Health

As dogs get older, they can experience gradual changes in both their physical and mental abilities. It is important to understand that these changes can signify the beginning of a medical problem. Rather than assuming it is age, we recommend that you bring your dog for a veterinarian evaluation as he or she may have […]


If you think your pet is having an emergency now, contact us immediately at 306-933-2677 Dogs can be very inquisitive and sometimes chase things or taste things that can be dangerous. We recommend that you are familiar with potential hazards and emergency situations before they arise so that you are prepared and able to prevent and/or […]

Grooming How-To’s

We will be adding more information here soon! How-to-tips Bathing Your Dog Nail Trims: Free for all Plan members at each examination visit, as well as a free demo. Brushing: Choosing the Right Grooming Tool