If you think your pet is having an emergency now, contact us immediately at 306-933-2677 Dogs can be very inquisitive and sometimes chase things or taste things that can be dangerous. We recommend that you are familiar with potential hazards and emergency situations before they arise so that you are prepared and able to prevent and/or […]

Dental Care

Comprehensive Oral Health Assesment and Treatment (COHAT), under general anesthesia, including full mouth digital dental radiographs is included in all of our Proactive Adult life stage plans. This is a complete evaluation of your dog’s mouth to make sure all his/her teeth are healthy and that there are no abnormalities under the gum line. We look for any […]

Blood work & Urinalysis

Our in-hospital bloodwork includes a complete blood count (CBC) and full chemistry panel. This is a basic evaluation tool that allows us to check their RBC, WBC, platelets, protein, kidney, liver, electrolytes, glucose, calcium and phosphorus values. In healthy dogs, this is a great way to evaluate their general well-being and ensure there are no […]

Behaviour and Training

Anxiety in dogs can arise from many things including, loud noises (thunderstorms, fireworks), separation from their owners, past history (such as dogs that were rescued through animal shelters), and changes in environment (such as moving to a new home or a new baby in the house). Individual dogs can react differently when they perceive something […]