Wonderful, entertaining and intelligent pets, ferrets are one of the species the veterinarians at Martensville Veterinary Hospital see on a regular basis. Due to their innate curiosity, ferrets can often get themselves into trouble but we are more than happy to help you develop a plan to make sure that your ferret stays safe and […]

Gerbils, Guinea Pigs & Hamsters

Often referred to as “pocket pets”, we know that these friendly, soft little pets mean so much more. We routinely examine gerbils, guinea pigs and hamsters and are happy to provide examinations to ensure your pets health, in addition we provide routine pet maintenance procedures such as tooth and nail trims. The veterinarians at Martensville […]

Iguanas & Other Lizards

The precise balance of heat and humidity required to keep iguanas and other lizard species healthy is one of the things that the veterinarians at Martensville Veterinary Hospital can help you with. In addition, they are familiar with common medical conditions that affect these long lived pets. From helping you formulate a balanced diet, to […]


Rabbits make wonderful pet companions, and with proper care can live long, healthy lives. The Martensville Veterinary Hospital sees many rabbits, and we are happy to offer veterinary services including routine annual wellness appointments, housing and nutrition information, medical wellness appointments, bloodwork, surgical services, and tooth and nail trims. If your rabbit doesn’t seem to […]

Other Exotic Animals

The veterinarians at Martensville Veterinary Hospital are comfortable seeing a variety of exotic animals, and have a well-established knowledge of the veterinary care that different animals need. From fish to frogs, please contact our office at 306-933-2677 if you would like to book an appointment with one of our veterinarians. The veterinarians in Martensville provide medical […]


Keeping a snake healthy and happy in Saskatchewan requires extensive knowledge, and dedicated care. The veterinarians at Martensville Veterinary Hospital have a thorough knowledge of snake health, and are happy to see snake patients. We offer a range of services including information on proper housing and diet, as well as physical examination of you snake. […]


Birds require special care to thrive in captivity.  The veterinarians at Martensville Veterinary Hospital are pleased to offer the best of care to all types of pet birds.  This includes veterinary exams, routine wellness care such as nail, beak and wing trims, as well as consultations regarding environmental enrichment, diet, and long term health. Please […]