Martensville Veterinary Hospital is

AAHA accredited

The Standard of Veterinary Excellence


Birds require special care to thrive in captivity.  The veterinarians at Martensville Veterinary Hospital are pleased to offer the best of care to all types of pet birds.  This includes veterinary exams, routine wellness care such as nail, beak and wing trims, as well as consultations regarding environmental enrichment, diet, and long term health.

Please contact us if you would to book an appointment, or have questions about the care of your bird.


Clipping a bird’s feathers can protect your bird and your home. Wing clipping is a non-painful procedure that ensures the safety of your bird in its environment and keeps your bird from chewing holes in your doors and window frames. It limits your bird’s ability to fly, removing the risk of injury from flying into a ceiling fan, onto a hot stovetop, or into (or out) a window.

Having your bird’s feathers professionally clipped helps ensure that the right feathers are removed without irritating the skin. Improperly clipped wings can cause your bird to pluck or chew its feathers. In addition, inexperienced wing clipping can result in a blood feather being accidentally trimmed, a situation that can become life-threatening. We can perform this procedure, and show you how to do it safely while preserving the aesthetic appearance of your bird.


Some birds need to have their nails trimmed regularly. However, the process can be detrimental to your bird if its nails are trimmed too short. If the blood vessel in the nail is nicked high up your bird can actually die from blood loss! In fact, we only suggest that you attempt this at home after a demonstration and if your bird is calm and has white nails (which allow you to see the blood vessels). Also, keep a caustic agent, such as styptic powder or sticks, on hand in case a nail bleeds. For tiny nicks plain flour will work. We would be happy to trim your bird’s nails, or show you how to do it at home!

Providing perches with rough surfaces can help reduce the frequency of nail trimming, but do not use sandpaper perches. They don’t wear down the nails and can cause foot problems. Also, providing perches of a few different types at different levels, that comfortably fit the natural arch of your bird’s foot can help prevent foot and skin problems.


Beaks continue growing throughout birds’ lives. Although birds’ beaks usually wear evenly, some birds develop beak problems and require veterinary assistance. Trimming its beak incorrectly can cause your bird pain and may prevent it from eating. Please do not attempt to trim your bird’s beak at home.