Dental Care

Comprehensive Oral Health Assesment and Treatment (COHAT), under general anesthesia, including full mouth digital dental radiographs is included in all of our Headstart kitten plans.  This is a complete evaluation of your kitten’s mouth to make sure all baby teeth are gone and that there are no abnormalities under the gumline.  We clean and polish all the new adult teeth.  If there are any retained baby teeth that are not being replaced by their corresponding adult tooth, then we generally recommend removal at this time.  There are times where we may find that a tooth is missing, fractured, or unerupted.  This evaluation is a great way to know what is going on inside our kitty’s mouth and ensure that we can provide the best care possible to keep their mouths healthy and clean.

Dental home care is important too!  We love to demonstrate and discuss oral health care for teeth with owners.  This includes how to start brushing teeth, as well as oral health products that are available including water additives, dental treats/chews and mouth rinses.

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