september, 2019

22sep10:00 am2:30 pmEvent CancelledPet Health Conference, Open House & Free Lunch

Event Details

Interested in learning what you can do at home to improve your pet’s health?  Call or email us to sign up for our FREE pet health conference!  Spaces are limited.

Veterinarians and Veterinary Technologists will be speaking on important health care topics.

No time for a conference?  Drop in with your friends and family for an open house and free lunch from 12-1pm. Note – we can’t have any pets attending this event – please leave your pets at home.

Lectures will be held in the lobby or staff room and sign up will be course by course.




Course List


Scratching the Surface: Allergies in Dogs (Part 1 of 2)

  • Allergies are a complex problem that we see in many of our patients. An overview of the causes and signs of allergies in dogs

Laser Therapy and What It Can Do!

  • Laser therapy can be beneficial for all sorts of ailments. During this presentation, we will discuss how laser therapy works and all the different benefits it can have for our pets.

Managing The Problem: Allergies in Dogs (Part 2 of 2)

  • Once an allergy has been diagnosed, management can involve many parts. Learn some common management techniques that owner’s often need to do at home.

Cracking the Code: Your Pet’s Food Labels

  • Have you wondered what everything really means on your pet’s bag of food? How can you tell what the quality  is?  This presentation will discuss all the different labels you may read on your pet’s food, what they mean, and things to look for to help make your decision on what food to feed your beloved pet.

How to Alleviate Anxiety in Your Pet

  • Many pets deal with anxiety daily. It can be subtle like panting when you go to leave the house in the morning, to full blown destruction of toys and items in the house. In either situation, this behavior can be re – trained. We will discuss what anxiety is, training methods to stop the behavior and medications to help.

First Aid: Bandaging Minor Injuries

  • Lacerated ear tips, cut paws, and tails dripping blood. Learn how to easily and effectively bandage three of the most common and most challenging areas of your pet’s body.

How to Care for Your Senior Pet

  • As animal’s age, they need different preventative measures taken. This can be from Veterinary exams, to diets that best suite their medical needs.  This talk will educate clients on the best care so they can help to extend the life of their furry companion.

Choking and CPR: Helping Your Pet in an Emergency

  • A piece of food, a toy, a stick – there’s all sorts of generally harmless things that can create a choking hazard for your pet.  Learn how to help if your pet is choking. We will also cover CPR from a canine first aid perspective, what you can do as a pet owner to best help your pet.

The Anatomy of Dental Disease

  • “There’s a great deal of tartar on the teeth and diffuse gingivitis. I also suspect a tooth root abscess.” When you hear it in the exam room it’s clear it’s not good news, but what does it actually mean? What’s the difference between plaque, calculus and tartar? What’s the big deal with gingivitis? What is a tooth root abscess? Learn the basics in this overview of dental disease.

Grain Free Diets Causing Heart Disease? Deciphering Fact from Fiction

  • The recent debate over grain free diets and heart disease has many owners in a panic. Is your pet’s food putting them at risk for heart disease? Should you feed a diet without grain? With grain? What role does grain play in heart disease. Chantel Steele, RVT, will review the most recent, scientifically based evidence regarding grain free diets.

Supplements for Pets: To Give or Not To Give

  • Blueberries prevent cancer? Glucosamine prevents arthritis? Pumpkin helps diarrhea? There is a lot of information out there, some of it scientifically based and true, and some of it complete and total phooey! Come learn about some of the most common myths and facts regarding supplements for pets.

Five Exercises to Build Your Pet’s Strength and Body Awareness

  • Clumsy puppy? Senior slowing down? Come learn 5 fun and simple things you do with your pet at home to increase their body awareness and strength.

Recognizing and Managing Signs of Pain

  • Dogs and cats don’t show pain the way we do. They are very stoic in most situations, and it’s hard for us to know the signs. This presentation will help you, the owner, know the signs and treatment of pain in cats and dogs.

Lunch and Special Guest Speaker


A lunch of Taco in a Bag will be provided at noon.

We will have special guest speakers Shelley Ballard – McKinlay and Kate Dean from Saskatoon Search and Rescue joining us to talk about search and rescue in Saskatoon. Jenga, Saskatoon Search and Rescue’s canine will also be around for a meet and greet.





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