To Keep You And
Our Staff Safe

While keeping our commitment to pet health
we have three appointment types:



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Curbside Consults

Same care – different setup!
The veterinarian does the exam
while you are in your vehicle.



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Drop-Off Appointments

Ideal when your pet requires a procedure, diagnostics, or a caregiver is bringing your pet in on your behalf.

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In Clinic

One client accompanies the pet to the exam. Medical grade, disposable mask must be worn.

The appointment is done start to
finish in the clinic.

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Need Pet Items At Home?

Check out our Online Store for delivery
to your home or pick-up!

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We are now offering

Prescription Delivery
To Your Home!

Talk to a staff member
for more information.


Josephine D. (Saskatoon) – “There isn’t anything that could be improved upon.  Everything is great about this clinic.  The doctors are wonderful; any staff members we have met were all great! We have never even thought about taking our dogs anywhere else. We will come to this clinic as long as we have pets!”

Phyllis S. (Saskatoon) – “We are so sad to see Dr. Ward leaving after so many years coming there, he has become so special, and with that we surely hope for great health and enjoyment on his ventures.  We will continue to call that our number one vet care and will be happy to continue with our pets care at Martensville.  All the best as it is the best! The staff is awesome also!  We will always continue to come with our pets and always recommend to others with great enthusiasm.”

Ivy L. (Saskatoon) – “Thank you for the birthday wishes for Genie.  She has turned 14 years old today and I know that genetics play a big part in longevity but I also know that all of you there at the clinic have played just as big a part in keeping Genie on the right side of the grass!  Thank you, everyone, for all that you do for me.”

Kendra B. (Dundurn) – “I live in Dundurn, which is almost an hour away depending on traffic, and I continue to bring my pets to Martensville because of the exceptional and high quality service.  I will miss Dr. Ward (who wouldn’t) and look forward to having Dr. Stewart take care of my pets.  Thanks for everything!”

Lauren H. (Saskatoon) – “Shawn and I have brought our Min Pin, Otis, to Martensville Veterinary Hospital because of a recommendation by a dog trainer and we could not have been more thrilled!  We completed the puppy care plan and attended the socialization classes.  At first we had a scared little puppy but after a few weeks of socializing with other puppies he is a friendly and well behaved dog!  The staff is so knowledgeable and welcoming.  I would recommend this vet hospital to anyone looking for a caring, clean and loving environment!”

Beverly D. (Martensville) – “The staff always greets me and my pets fondly.  Everyone answers my questions politely.  My pets’ issues or my concerns are always dealt with compassion and concern.  My pets are always enthusiastic to come for a visit!”

Margaret S. (Martensville) – “Absolutely fantastic experience.  My dog is very frightened of new people and situations and Dr. Stewart and the rest of the staff took the extra time and care needed to make it as positive of an experience for him as they could.  They were extremely patient with him and did all they could to help him feel at ease.  I can’t say enough about how happy I am with the care received at the Martensville Veterinary Hospital.”

Katherine T. (Martensville) – “The enthusiasm for the animals is always great to see and I will continue to speak highly of this office. This was my first time meeting Dr. Beck. She was kind, compassionate and I had an overall good experience with her.”

Pamela N. (Martensville) – “The care and concern that we have received from the clinic has been outstanding. Our cats are treated like our children and the clinic treats them the exact same way. They understand and they care. I am very happy that we have found a special place filled with wonderful people. I left with understanding and weight lifted off of my shoulders. You are doing everything exceptionally well. Please stay that way.”

Stephanie L. (Martensville) – “Jackson loves to come for a visit. We get very well treated and I highly recommend you to everybody that is asking me for a clinic.”