Vaccinations for Cats

Vaccinations are not a one time thing – your cat requires boosters to ensure that the levels of antibodies are high enough to protect from these diseases:

This virus is also known as Panleukopenia. This disease is devastating to all ages of cats and is nearly always fatal in young kittens. Symptoms include: listlessness and depression.

This is a virus which inhibits the cat’s immune system, thereby leaving the cat susceptible to other diseases. The virus produces a chronic debilitating disease as a result of various types of cancer. Feline leukemia is ALWAYS fatal.

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus

This virus causes upper respiratory infections. Cats may become infected by either ingesting or inhaling water droplets contaminated with the virus. Symptoms include: runny eyes and nose, sneezing, difficulty breathing, loss of appetite and depression.

This is a virus which causes upper respiratory infections and is characterized by many of the same symptoms as Calicivirus. The most common symptoms incude: discharge of eyes and nose.

This will cause disease in the upper respiratory tract. Symptoms include: severe discharge from the eyes and nose, which often become crusty in appearance, as well as difficulty breathing.

This is a virus which attacks the nervous system and can be transmitted through a bite. Symptoms can vary, but may include: extreme aggression, muscle paralysis, and foaming/drooling from the mouth. This disease can be transmitted to humans and is ALWAYS fatal.

REMEMBER… immunity does not start immediately!

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