Taking Your Cat To The Vet

Is your cat nervous travelling to the clinic? Does your cat dread going into their cat carrier? Do you avoid taking your cat to the vet because the stress for him or her (or you) is just too much?  We can help.

As one of the few certified Cat Friendly Practice within the region, we are committed to providing low stress visits for both you and your feline.  Our Calm Kitty Kits are designed to help with just that!

These kits include:

  • a step by step guide to help your cat be more comfortable in their carrier
  • a comforting Feliway wipe and instructions
  • travel sized amount of catnip and honeysuckle
  • a tiny tasty treat
  • either a calming supplement or medications to be mixed into their food

Ask us  how you can purchase a Calm Kitty Kit and take the stress out of your furry feline’s next visit. Please call our hospital at (306)-933-2677 for more information.