Pet First Aid Kit

We have created a custom pet first aid kit for dogs and cats available for purchase at the Martensville Veterinary Hospital.

Each component is of high quality and the liquids are in durable refillable containers. Most components are multi-use and in sufficient quantity to address multiple injuries, unlike many commercial pet first aid kits.  Our kits and totes also have a booklet, written by Martensville Veterinary Hospital’s very own veterinarian Katina Stewart, that goes through the basic use (and misuse) of each item, as well as short instructions on how to handle the most common pet first aid emergencies.  Our pet first aid kit is intended to help you get your pet to your veterinarian with the best chance of making a full and speedy recovery.


  • Hydrogen Peroxide– for use in select cases
  • Ear Cleaner – to flush the ear canal
  • Cotton Tip Applicators – for removing debris, splinters and stingers
  • Silver Nitrate Sticks – to quickly stop the bleeding of broken nail tips
  • Sterile Gauze Pads – to clean wounds, wipe fur, use as a compress to stop bleeding or as the first layer in bandaging
  • Chlorhexidine/Hibitane 1% – to clean wounds, wipe fur, soak feet, moisten the thermometer
  • Sterile Saline – to flush fur, some superficial wounds and some eye injuries, moisten gauze before placing over wounds
  • Gauze Kling Roll – for bandaging, securing your pet or as a makeshift muzzle
  • Elastic Rip Wrap – for bandaging and securing
  • Adhesive Tape – for bandaging and securing
  • Bandage Scissors – to cut bandage material
  • Thermometer – to check for hypothermia and fever or hyperthermia
  • Blank Antihistamine Dose Label – ask your vet for their recommendation
  • Gloves
  • Hand Wipes and Paper Towels
  • Nylon Leash – to use as a leash, rope or makeshift muzzle
  • Syringes – for flushing some wounds and eyes, delivering food, fluid or medications

Our FIRST AID BOOKLET also includes instructions on the following topics:

  • Transporting your Injured pet
  • How to Control External Bleeding
  • Wound Types and Management
Cleaning Superficial Wounds
  • Bandaging
  • Eye Emergencies
  • Body Temperature
Fever and Hyperthermia
  • Hypothermia

NOT INCLUDED – if you are in a remote location, hunt or work outdoors with your pet, are more than 30 minutes from a veterinarian and/or frequently out of cellular or telephone range with your pet, consider booking a consultation with one of our veterinarians to show you more first aid techniques and recommend additions to your first aid kit specific to you and your pet.

Martensville veterinarians do see emergencies, read more about the emergency process.