Purrgus (In Memoriam)

Purrgus came to us as a stray cat in 2004. He was just so handsome and loveable we couldn’t bear to let him go, so we did some bloodwork on him and neutered him and he has been with us ever since.

We think he is about 13 years old now. Purrgus’ favorite thing to do is sit on the front desk and greet clients and their pets all day long. His spot is right under the furnace vent and he leans against the computer monitor so he is nice and warm. From time to time he serves as a demonstration model and he has even been an emergency blood donor. His favorite toys are boxes and kennels (when he goes in on his own terms), and just anything he can climb into. He is a very fashionable cat, as many of you may have noticed he alters his soft paw colours to match his mood or the seasons. He is very good at his job of watching over the staff and all our patients!

Update – In August 2022, Purrgus crossed over the Rainbow Bridge while surrounded by his MVH family.