Angela Oranchuk

I began working at Martensville Veterinary Hospital, back in February 2015, as a locum (relief) veterinarian. After awhile I was offered a permanent position, and I decided to stay! I had been doing locum work since graduating from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 2010; filling maternity leaves and covering for vets and clinics that needed extra help. As such, I have worked all over Saskatchewan, in both large animal (mixed) and small animal practices. I also worked in Alberta for a short period of time. But I grew up and have lived in Saskatoon for most of my life. So as much as I love living in small towns, Saskatoon and area is definitely where I call home, and where I keep coming back to. One of my dogs has also lived in many, many places with me. This may or may not have confused him a bit, but he’s very portable and did keep me sane while working long hours and doing farm calls in the middle of the night. He’s a rescue that I found, and he’s proven to be a wonderful companion and a great little traveler. Needless to say we’ve both had some adventures with various work, and living situations.

Of all the practices I have been at, I am constantly amazed at the dedication and vast amount of knowledge every single person who works here has. I feel very fortunate to work with such an amazing team, and to be able to offer the care that we do. Everyone takes so much pride in their job and works diligently to stay up to date with continuing education and to provide the utmost in quality care for your pets. This is the first AAHA practice I have worked at, and the difference in patient care, client education, and standard of care, is phenomenal. Everyone here truly cares about your pet, as the family member that they are, and the importance they have to you. I’ve met many of you already, and am looking forward to meeting many more.

In my spare time I like to walk my dogs out in the country, or by the river. The dogs love to run free, exploring the countryside and going for swims in various ponds north of town, especially those we stock trout in. I also enjoy gardening and pretty much any kind of yard work. I’m always outside in the summer, constantly planting more perennials each year, as well as experimenting with different annual placements and plant varieties. As well, I also love to travel, camp, and explore both close to home and far away. I am also an amateur photographer. I enjoy not only take pictures, but I also paint, draw and experiment with various mediums.