Veterinary Ultrasound

Veterinary Ultrasound uses sound waves and is painless and safe.  It can often be done without sedation or anesthesia.  Ultrasonography is useful in dogs, cats and other pets because it can “see” some things that can’t be visualized on radiographs.  It is particularly useful in seeing through fluid and into organs to identify cancer as well as liver, kidney and gallbladder diseases.  It is very useful for pregnancy detection and monitoring the health of unborn pets.  Veterinary ultrasound is also a helpful tool in emergency situations to detect whether there is internal bleeding.

We have ultrasound capabilities here at our animal clinic in Martensville.  In complex cases, we can send the images electronically to a veterinarian that specializes in ultrasonography, or make a referral to an ultrasound specialist.

To book your ultrasound appointment or for any questions please contact us at 306-933-2677.

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