Soft Tissue Surgery

Some type of soft tissue surgery may be required in your pet’s lifetime.  Soft tissue veterinary surgeries commonly performed at Martensville Veterinary Hospital include:

  • Removal of abnormal soft tissue growths (lumps or tumours).
  • Repair of soft tissue injuries (wounds).
  • Repair of eyelids that roll in or out (entropion, ectropion).
  • Exploration and repair of internal organs (ex. foreign body ingestion, twisted stomach, kidney removal, bladder stone removal).
  • Spay and neuter (removing reproductive organs).

The veterinarians at Martensville Veterinary Hospital are experienced with all types of soft tissue surgery.  They are happy to provide guidance on the best treatment options for your pet. All of our surgery procedures include intravenous (IV fluids) to support blood pressure.  There is a continual display of  ECG, blood pressure, respiratory and temperature values for your pet during anesthesia.  Depending on the surgery your pet requires, there may be additional medications, treatments or foods that your pet will require to recover quickly and successfully.

Read more about anesthesia in general, types of anesthesia, patient monitoring and pain control.

If you have any questions regarding any of our soft tissue, dental or orthopedic surgeries please contact us to schedule an appointment.