Veterinary Radiology

Veterinary radiology – radiographs and ultrasounds – help diagnose and treat many diseases in animals.  They help plan further diagnostic plans, such as whether to take a biopsy and how best to take the sample.  They help detect diseases early, before your pet may shows signs.  We see effective early detection of bladder stones, disc disease, joint disease and heart disease on a weekly basis.  Radiographs and ultrasounds also help us design treatment plans when your pet is sick.  Examples include how to fix a broken or dislocated limb, where a foreign object is lodged, or if your coughing pet has asthma, pneumonia or tracheal collapse.

Martensville Veterinary Hospital has a radiology suite in the treatment area of the hospital. This means that digital radiographs (x-rays) are available at all times. Our radiology suite is equipped with a mobile table so that your pet can remain comfortable on the table while the radiographs are being done, rather than needing to be moved around on top of the table. In addition, we use flat or v-shaped cushions to helps support your pet. This increases comfort and reduces fear, as your pet feels more secure during the time it takes to position them and take the x-ray.  To further minimize fear, increase comfort, or to get a precise view, we can administer pain and anti-anxiety medication.  Often this is not needed.

Digital radiographs also have the advantage that they can easily be shared with referral centres or board certified radiologists for further assessment.  The images are easy to expand, rotate and analyze with our advanced software.

We offer radiology services for all companion animals, including some availability for exotic animals. This includes :

  • radiographs for diagnostic purposes (i.e. foreign body ingestion, trauma)
  • Vertebral heart size analysis
  • Trachea and lung assessment
  • Orthopedic assessment (lameness, arthritis, disc disease, growth abnormalities)
  • Dental radiographs
  • Gestational radiographs

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