Pet Memorialization

Pet memorialization, or commemorating your pet’s life can be an important part of recognizing how much your pet meant to you. For some people it can be a step towards accepting and recognizing the fact of the loss. It also provides an opportunity to express thoughts and feelings about the one who has died and/or those that were involved in the final decisions. Of course it is a great way to pay tribute to their life and when done as a group it can help draw support and empathy towards the grieving person or people. The staff at Martensville Veterinary Hospital can work with you to choose what is right for you and your family.

Our veterinary clinic in Martensville hosts special commemorative events- please click here for more details on celebrating our pets after they are gone.

Below are a variety of ideas for memorialization that clients have shared with us, that they felt were meaningful and helpful.

  • Take a lot of photographs and use these photos; to fill an album, place them in a pets favorite spot in the house, make a collage, fill a multi-picture (or digital) frame with them, carry pictures in your wallet.
  • Post photos with or without a story to our memorial page on facebook or make your own memorial page on your preferred social media, a blog, or petloss website.
  • Write a poem, story, or song about or dedicated to your pet.
  • Write down your special memories of your pet. Add stories from friends and family.
  • Chronicle your pet’s life with photos or by keeping a journal or making a scrapbook.
  • Write a letter to your pet expressing feelings you may be struggling with.
  • Make something that reminds you of your pet. (eg. a drawing)
  • Have a professional portrait, sketch or sculpture done of your pet. This can be done after the pet’s death from a photograph.
  • Keep baby teeth, whiskers, fur, and place them in a locket, scrapbook or special container.
  • Have fur spun to make yarn in order to knit something in memory of your pet.
  • Keep pet tags. Place these on a keyring so you will always be carrying your memory of your special friend with you.
  • Have a plaque made to honor your pet.
  • Volunteer your time at a humane organization or help find homes for strays and unwanted pets.
  • Plant a bush, shrub, tree, or flowers over or near a location where the body or ashes are buried or where your pet liked to lie down or play.
  • Place a bench with an engraved nameplate or an inscription in your home, yard, or along a special walk or park if it is allowed in your community.
  • Collect your pet’s collars, tags, bowls, blankets, etc. and place them in a special area in honor of your pet. You can also place ashes, sympathy cards, and so forth with them.
  • Send out announcements of your pet’s death to those who were close to you and your pet. You may also want to add specific instructions with the announcement.
  • If your pet is not buried near you, take pictures of your pet’s grave and place these in a special spot, which you can ‘visit’.

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