Periodically, pets require hospitalization to stabilize them during time of illness. The Martensville Veterinary Hospital is fully equipped for advanced hospitalization and animal care. As one of fourĀ AAHA accredited practices within a 100 km radius from Saskatoon, Martensville Veterinary Hospital voluntarily adheres to a number of hospitalization standards including:

  • kenneling areas with customizable temperature control
  • intravenous (IV) fluid pumps to precisely and accurately deliver the fluids and medications your pet requires
  • advanced pain management techniques and protocols to ensure that all animals are comfortable while staying in the hospital
  • dedicated hospital ward staff to ensure that hospitalized patients have the attention and care required (including snuggles)
  • regular updates from a veterinary team member to pet owners about how their animal is doing, as well as the option for text message picture updates
  • we do not have 24 hour ICU observation, but can refer, and if required transport your pet to the Veterinary Medical Center that does offer 24 hour ICU care

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