Heartworm Prevention

Heartworm is a parasite that lives in the heart, potentially causing life threatening blockages in the heart, and is transmitted to pets by mosquitos. While heartworm is not common in Saskatchewan, it is common in all provinces east of Manitoba and every state in the United States.  We recommend heartworm prevention for all pets travelling to these provinces and to the USA. If your pet has been adopted from and area that has heartworm please check your records for heartworm testing.  If there is no record of this, please call today to have your pet tested for heartworm.

Heartworm prevention is simple, and can quickly and effectively be given by by you at home.  Medication requires a veterinary prescription and that exams be up to date.  If your pet is from a heartworm endemic area and has not been tested, they will need heartworm testing first.  This ensures the veterinarians at Martensville Veterinary Hospital will prescribe the safest and most effective heartworm prevention product for your pet.

If your plans this year involve travelling out of province with your pet, or your pet has been adopted from out of province, we highly recommend you make an appointment with us to make sure your pet is properly protected.