Veterinary Fecal Flotation

Fecal flotation is one of the many in house laboratory tests offered at Martensville Veterinary Hospital. This test is used to determine if your pet has intestinal worms.  Many worms in the intestine shed eggs and these eggs are passed into the stool. Each type of worm sheds a characteristic size and shape of egg.  Our registered veterinary technicians use a special container to separate out the eggs and examine them under a microscope. They can then identify the type and number of eggs.

Fecal flotation is a simple and non-invasive test.  If eggs are found in your pet’s feces,  we can identify the type of worm that shed them, and then the veterinarians can recommend the best course of action to get your pet parasite free.  They will also discuss how to clean up your home or yard if that is necessary.  The veterinarians can also advise you on changes or preventative measures that should be taken going forward to protect your pet.

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