Cytology – Lump Analysis

Cytology is the process of looking at and identifying cell types.  Wondering about a lump on your pet? Not sure if it’s something to be concerned about? Veterinary cytology can put your mind at ease.

The veterinarians at Martensville Veterinary Hospital will examine your pet, and decide if the lump is concerning.  If further information about the lump is needed, the vet can collect a sample — usually right in the exam room with your pet awake.  Our vet can then use the in house laboratory to examine the cellular structure of the sample they collect.  After analyzing the sample, they can advise you on what the next step is for your pet. We also have the capability to send samples away for testing at specialist centres such as  Prairie Diagnostic Services here in Saskatoon, or IDEXX.

Not every lump is cancer. Some lumps are due to an allergy, splinter or infection, and can be healed quickly with minimal intervention or cost.  It is often easy to tell the difference between infection, allergy and cancer in a single visit.

Many lumps should be removed quickly- early action can save your pet’s life by preventing the spread of cancer or infection to vital organs.  Early surgical removal can also help the veterinary remove all of the bad cells, making recurrence  less likely.  This is because it is best to remove the lump and a boarder of what looks like healthy tissue around the lump- what surgeons call ‘getting margins.’ If the lump is big, or if it is on a limb, where there is not much extra skin, it is hard to get these protective margins.  Although no one likes to think about their fur baby having cancer, it is important to keep in mind that many times removal can be simple with 100% cure.

Please call us to book your appointment if you are concerned about a lump or bump on your pet.