Veterinary Anesthesia

We meet many pet owners that are very worried about veterinary anesthesia and surgery or “putting their pet under”.  Martensville Vet Hospital takes anesthesia and your pet’s safety very seriously.

As one of the four AAHA accredited practices within 100 km of Saskatoon, the Martensville Veterinary Hospital adheres to guidelines to ensure your pets well being while under anesthetic. This is demonstrated in part by the fact that all of our major surgery procedures include intravenous (IV fluids) and temperature management to support blood pressure and circulation. They include ECG heart, blood pressure, respiratory and temperature monitoring by machines and people, to help detect problems early. Patients are given pain medication during and after surgery, and pain medication to go home.

However, our hospital starts following AAHA anesthesia guidelines long before your pet is ever placed under anesthetic. The veterinarians at Martensville Veterinary Hospital assess many qualities of your pet and their lifestyle prior to anesthetic being given. This assessment will look at the following:

  • History (i.e. pre-exisitng medical conditions, prior anesthetic complications, current medications)
  • Physical examination
  • Age (very young and very old patients may require different anesthesia)
  • Breed (breeds such as those with brachycephalic bone structure, Greyhounds, some spaniels, Maine Coon cats may require special consideration)
  • Temperament

Based on the pre-anesthetic assessment, the veterinarians will choose which anesthetic agents are best suited for your pets safety and comfort. This may include short or long acting injectable or oral medications, or anesthetic agents administered in the form of an inhaled gas. While these anesthetic agents are being administered, and until your animal is fully recovered after the procedure, they will be extensively monitored by a team including the veterinarian and a nationally certified, registered veterinary technician. By creating, and administering a comprehensive individualized anesthetic plan for your pet we minimize risk and maximize your pet’s anesthetic success.

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