Jen L.

Jen L. (Warman) – “Your support and kindness is so appreciated. If there are any delays the staff is good at letting me know and offering coffee or water. I have always been treated with the utmost respect and compassion by all staff members. Including me in the exam makes me feel important and that my opinion is valued. My feelings are always validated and consideration is given to my financial situation. I have never been made to feel guilty for not doing “more” for my animals due to financial constraints. I feel respected no matter what decision I make, as I believe the staff knows the decisions we make as pet owners are often difficult. I always feel welcome and have never met a more caring and compassionate group of staff. Some of you have hugged me, some have cried with me, and some have listened when I just needed some support. You girls really are angels walking on the earth. Thank you for all you do.”