Princess is a beautiful little Pomeranian X that has attended Martensville Veterinary Hospital ever since she was a small pup! She was a healthy puppy with no health concerns, and her owner, Sheri, had purchased our HeadStart Puppy Package for her. With this package, Princess would receive a complete oral health exam at the time of her spay.

During this procedure Princess would receive a full set of dental radiographs. Her teeth, especially for her breed, had always looked great! We were expecting no problems at the time of her dental. On the day of her spay, we performed her dental radiographs and were very surprised by what we found. In her lower jaw on both sides, her furthest back molar (what we call 310 and 410) had grown in completely sideways and remained un-erupted. In order to remove these teeth an extensive dental surgery would be needed. At this time, the teeth were not causing Princess any issues and the jaw around them still looked healthy. Our doctors opted to monitor the teeth yearly and to remove if and when they became a problem.

Princess has since received a dental exam every year to monitor these teeth (and to keep the rest sparkling clean!). To date, they have not caused any issues and we will happily continue to monitor. Princess is happy and healthy and doing great!