The Vet Clinic Pocketknife Equivalent

You know that super cool pocketknife that does everything? “Oh, you have a bottle to open?” Pulls out super cool pocketknife, “Let me get that for you!”. “Ouch! Broken nails suck! I have a nail file, want to use it?” Out comes the pocketknife! Imagine if that super cool pocketknife that ‘can do everything’ existed […]

Dental procedures – What are the questions that matter?

It’s February, which means it’s time for dental month. Vet clinics everywhere will be promoting dental health as it relates to the pets that they see; this is no different for us at Martensville Veterinary Hospital (if you don’t already follow us on Facebook or Instagram, here is the shameless plug suggesting you do so). […]

Ticks and You & Your Dog

Ticks are a part of life in Saskatchewan. We grow up knowing where they live and being taught to tuck our pants in our socks, but it never hurts to be reminded about the threats they pose and the proper removal of the little blood suckers.

Tick Season is Here

While most people consider the Robin a harbinger of spring, people who live in Saskatchewan know that another sign of the season is the emergence of ticks. This year, they have appeared earlier than they normally do…