Nigel’s Hyperthyroid Cat Story

In February 2016 it was Nigel’s turn to have his senior workup. Pez, my other senior cat, had already visited the clinic for hers. Digby and Winston, my two adult dogs, also had their checkups. I had left Nigel for last because he seemed the healthiest of the bunch.

Ticks and You & Your Dog

Ticks are a part of life in Saskatchewan. We grow up knowing where they live and being taught to tuck our pants in our socks, but it never hurts to be reminded about the threats they pose and the proper removal of the little blood suckers.

Tick Season is Here

While most people consider the Robin a harbinger of spring, people who live in Saskatchewan know that another sign of the season is the emergence of ticks. This year, they have appeared earlier than they normally do…

Cataracts In Dogs

Do you suspect your dog has cataracts? Make an appointment for a thorough exam for your dog or cat today!