To Keep You And
Our Staff Safe

while keeping our commitment
to pet health we have three
appointment types:



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Curbside Consults

Same care – different setup!
The veterinarian does the exam while you are in your vehicle.


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Ideal when your pet requires
a procedure, diagnostics,
or a caregiver is bringing
your pet in on your behalf.

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Existing Clients Only.

The appointment is done start to
finish in your own home.

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Need Pet Items While Social Distancing or

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We are now offering

To Your Home!

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Telemedicine Appointments

Please note: This service is only open to pets that we have seen recently and have a valid veterinary-client-patient relationship with.  If you are not a current client or your pet has not been in recently,  according to our regulatory body (SVMA) we must see your pet in person to establish this relationship.

Without a VCPR, we can use telemedicine to help guide you on what to do, how urgent the situation is, or where to go. However, we are not able to diagnose, prescribe medications, or treat your pet. Your pet must be physically present in front of the veterinarian. You can be at a distance, on a phone or video platform- but the veterinarian must also interact with you the owner as well as your pet to establish this relationship. Once this relationship is established, telemedicine can be used for further consults and follow ups.

Please talk to one of our staff members to see if this service is available for your pet. If you are a new client, or your pet hasn’t been seen by our team before, please book a curbside appointment.

What happens?

Step 1:

Call the clinic to book an appointment. Remember this service is only open to patients that we have an existing relationship with.  Many appointment options work well via telemedicince, but some do not. Let our team members get more information about what’s going on with your pet to make sure we’re choosing the right appointment style for you.

Step 2:

Pay for your telemedicine appointment over the phone with a credit card, or by e-transfer. Please note that all telemedicine appointments are paid in advance to hold your appointment time.

Step 3:

Once your appointment is booked, you will be sent a link to access the video and messaging platform and we will send an email on how to prepare for the consult.

Step 4:

Log in for your appointment! Remember, you can have multiple people join from multiple locations for your pet’s consult.  This is helpful if you are physically located away from other family members.  Your veterinarian, and any required support staff will also log in, and your appointment will begin.

Once everyone is present, your veterinarian will ask history questions. Then, they will guide you through collecting information about your pet using your device. Your veterinarian can securely upload pictures and videos that will then be permanently linked to your pets regular file. Because it is collaborative and in real time (versus sending email pictures) they can get more useful diagnostic images. Just like a face to face consult, sometimes the plan is simple and clear. The veterinarian may prescribe medications and home treatments and follow up consults via telemedicine, drop off or curbside intake. Other times it will become clear that your pet needs to be physically seen for a physical exam (common if the eye or ear is affected), or diagnostics like bloodwork, radiographs or a urinalysis. In these cases, the  veterinarian or another member of our pet care team will make an treatment plan with estimated costs and timeline, and you will collaborate on your options and what is best for your pet and the rest of your family.

What do I need to be able to participate?

  • an existing veterinary-client-patient relationship with our hospital
  • an internet connection or a device with data that allows internet connectivity
  • a device with a camera and a speaker (i.e. smartphone, tablet, surface, laptop or desktop)

Is it secure?

The platform we use is secure, and already utilized by many Canadian doctors and veterinarians.  Different from the social communication based platforms this program allows us to safely discuss your pet’s confidential medical records and current conditions, without worrying about where the data is going, or how it is secured.

What are some of the benefits of telelmedicine?

Telemedicine allows your veterinarian to see your pet from the comfort of your home.  Often this makes for a more laid back exam, as your pet may be more comfortable. In addition, this allows us to see your pet in situations where you or your pet are not able to come to the clinic (i.e. home quarantine, distance, or illness).

What if I don’t want to be on camera?

We get it! We’re not looking for video of you, just your pet.  If you’re more comfortable keeping the camera aimed at a wall or your pet during the times where we’re just chatting that’s fine, we don’t need to have you worrying about the best angle for your video-selfie!