Ever in Our Hearts

Celebrating the lives of those you have lost – because they are Ever in Our Hearts.

Twice a year at our Ever in Our Hearts events, we offer a time for people to come and celebrate the lives of their pets who have passed on. We truly understand the pain and grief that comes with the loss of a pet. It is our desire to offer support to everyone, at any point, in their pet loss journey. This hour each month is for us to celebrate their lives and remember what a joy they were to have as part of our family; the short amount of time they were with us will always be a precious gift. We all love to hear the stories that are shared with us and these events offer us a nice quiet time to bond with you, answer your questions, offer you support and so much more.

These events include a short discussion about grieving and time to share special memories and pictures of your pet. Our focus is on celebrating the memory of our lost pets and the joy, lessons and love we gained by knowing them. All family and friends are welcome to attend. The event is appropriate for some children- we leave this to your discretion.  You do not need to be a client of Martensville Veterinary Hospital to attend, and there is no charge for attending.

There is one event in the spring- where we often meet at a memorial forest, and another in the fall where you are invited to create an ornament.

This event has been canceled for the time being.  Please reach out to us if you are struggling with the loss of a pet. 


Annual Wreath-building Workshop


Stacy S. (Martensville) – “I found the after effects of having to euthanize Molly to be fraught with guilt and second guessing, not on the part of the hospital but of my own second guessing and I was struggling with the process of coming to terms with letting her go. It can sometimes be hard to talk to others about the loss of a pet without feeling that “it’s just a dog” or that others have suffered larger losses, so to me it (EIOH) looked to be a safe haven for open grief and understanding. I was the only one that attended that day and in some ways it was a mini memorial for Molly. Thank you again for all of your support; it is appreciated more than you know!”

Linda L. (Saskatoon) – “I needed help to deal with my grief and feelings of self-blame for not recognizing the earlier signs over my pet’s sudden illness and unexpected death. Ever in Our Hearts assisted me most by giving me the opportunity to talk about my feelings and feelings of guilt, hearing other people’s stories and the poems and handouts were helpful. I would recommend EIOH to friends or family members coping with the loss of a pet. I have experienced the death of pets before but had time to prepare for them as they aged and gradually had their health decline. I was totally unprepared for Kirby’s death, I had been watching for signs of his heart murmur but not a ruptured gall bladder and sepsis – the suddenness was overwhelming. Thanks for all your help in remembering all the fun times we had with our beloved dog and for the help coping with missing a beloved family member whom we will never forget.”

Del M. (Martensville) – “The candle ceremony was very nice and sharing photos and stories. Alyssa was so very welcoming. I have already shared the provided handouts with two friends. I: was feeling embarrassed about going, didn’t have time to go and was scared to go. I left: glad I made the time to go, feeling light and happy and wanting to come again.”

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