Cat Boarding with Less Stress

The Martensville Veterinary Hospital is home to Annabelle’s Bed and Breakfast, our cat boarding facility for healthy cats in need of a place to stay while their owners are away. Our boarding service is designed to make boarding less stressful for you and your finicky feline friend:

  • Private cat condos with multiple levels to climb and play in
  • Supervised play time outside of the private condos
  • Environmental enrichment including laser pointers, scratching surfaces, outdoor windows, climbing structures and toys.
  • Play time with other cats if appropriate (Note: not all cats enjoy playing with other cats, so multi-cat play time is decided on an individual basis)
  • Routine care provided by a highly trained veterinary team member
  • The assurance that all cats staying within the facility are healthy at the time of boarding and up to date on vaccines
  • The knowledge that if something were to happen your cat is at a veterinary clinic and can receive immediate and comprehensive care
  • The option to provide medications as required

Our cat boarding schedule fills up quickly, as we only allow 5 cats to stay in boarding at a single time. This ensures that all cats get not only the required care, but also ample play time. If you are interested in booking your cat in for boarding, please contact us.