Kelsey H.

Kelsey H. – “We take all 4 of our animals to go see Dr. Stewart & we are very happy with her service. The girls at the front are very helpful, and don’t hesitate to answer questions/concerns via phone or email if they can. It is hard to find a vet who is understanding of those who feed their dogs raw diet & she is willing to work with us, no problem. We have found other vets strictly advise against raw feeding, even though we know our dogs health, coat & teeth have been great ever since. They do not force their branded vet food down your throat – which is super cool. Our only complaint is that to receive a multi animal discount – you need to have 3 dogs. As we only have 2, we are not entitled to that – which is slightly disappointing because we give them a fair amount of business with our 4 fur balls. Other than that – we don’t have any other complaints. Strongly recommend Dr. Katina Stewart.”