To Keep You And
Our Staff Safe

while keeping our commitment
to pet health we have three
appointment types:



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Curbside Consults

Same care – different setup!
The veterinarian does the exam
while you are in your vehicle.



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Drop-Off Appointments

Ideal when your pet requires a
procedure, diagnostics, or a caregiver
is bringing your pet in on your behalf.

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Existing Clients Only.

The appointment is done start to
finish in your own home.

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Curbside Appointments

With ‘social distancing‘ guidelines in effect, we are doing our best to keep you, your pets, and our staff healthy. As a result of COVID-19, we are now seeing appointments differently.

What Is Curbside?

‘Social distancing’ guidelines recommend that people avoid crowded spaces and keep a distance of at least 2 metres apart. When we perform a thorough and complete examination of your pet, we aren’t often able to maintain this distance between visitors and staff.  For this reason, we’ve come up with a solution to preserve the high quality care you expect while also reducing the spread of COVID-19: curbside appointments.

Step 1:
Book your appointment by phone or online, as usual. Plan to bring your pet in a carrier or on leash.

Step 2:
When you arrive for your appointment, call the clinic at 306-933-2677. Let us know you’ve arrived, a description of the vehicle you’re driving, and the best number to call you back at. This would also be a great time to let us know if anything has changed since you booked your appointment!

Step 3:
One of our team members will come out to your vehicle and get your pet.  Make sure your pet is in a carrier or on leash when you arrive. Many times, we will use a clean, extra slip lead for dogs on leash, to eliminate the risk of running away if a collar were to come undone!

Step 4:
Wait for a call from our team once your pet’s appointment is about to begin.  Don’t worry if this takes a few minutes; we’re likely writing down your pet’s weight and some basic information before we call you.  Expect some basic intake questions to be asked over the phone, such as: “What type of food is your pet eating?”

Step 5:
Talk to your veterinarian about your pet’s exam. Be sure to tell us anything that has changed or is different since their last appointment.  This is when the veterinarian may ask you some more targeted questions. You may hear some clicking in the background – don’t worry, that’s just one of our staff members making sure that your pet’s medical record is being entered in a complete and timely manner.

Step 6:
Often, after the physical exam is completed, the veterinarian will make recommendations specific to your pet.  This may include things like blood work, a specific food, or changes to your home routine.  Either a registered veterinary technician or veterinary office assistant will help go over this information with you.

Step 7:
Following the appointment you will receive a call from our team once your invoice is ready to pay.  We can accept your credit card over the phone, or an e-transfer (no password required) and email you a copy of your receipt.  Rest assured, we have strict measures in place to protect your credit card information; we will never repeat the card number back to you, we will never write the number down, and we will ensure that you get a copy of your receipt (unless you request otherwise).

Step 8:
A staff member will bring your pet, and anything else from the appointment, out to your vehicle.

Step 9:
Go home knowing that you both cared for your pet and helped to slow the spread of COVID-19.  Bravo!

What if I don’t have a cell phone?

Let us know when you book your appointment if you do not have a cell phone that you are able to use for the appointment.  We will do our best to arrange a sanitized cell phone for you to use for the duration of the appointment.

What if I can’t pay by credit card?

At this time we are urging people to pay by credit card, as we can’t take debit cards over the phone.  If this is not possible, we can accept e-transfers.  We are unable to accept debit cards, cash or cheques at this time.

How long will my appointment take?

The appointment times for pets have not changed with our curbside system, and are not set in stone.  Generally, the more complex the situation your pet presents for, the longer their appointment will take.

Can I leave during my appointment?

Please don’t leave during your appointment without letting our staff know and making arrangements.  Our goal is to have your pet back as soon as possible after the exam.

What if I’m sick or on quarantine?

Please do not bring you or your pet to our hospital. Even if your pet has been in contact with someone in quarantine, or someone who was sick in the last 72 hours, please reschedule your appointment for a later time, or consider a tele-medicine appointment.

Do you have any resources about COVID-19 in pets?

Day to day the information on this virus is changing.  This COVID-19 LifeLearn document summarizes what we know so far.